ON APRIL 13, 1970 AT 9:45 AM


“My daughters, I am Saint Anne.  I, too, was a mother and a wife.  I had a Special Child, as you know.  My duties on earth were as yours, and I say to you this, ‘Always walk in kindness, projecting acts of love to all men.’ Be understanding of the heartaches, the agonies of others.  Be models of Mary.  Dress as She would want you to dress.  Offer yourself in dedication to Her.  Say the prescribed prayers She loves, for My earthly Daughter is close to The Father and must be obeyed and revered.

Do not accept excuses for the fashions of the day.  Do not accept excuses for the weaknesses in play, for men do say, ‘I’m weak; I’ll think of God another day.’ The corruptness of the time in which you live on earth is sadness to The Father, for He did give you birth.

Stand up for what you know is right and face the truth of living.  Mary did.  Joseph did.  Imitate Their lives.  Man screams, ‘I’m weak and I need pleasure.’ No man can be excused.  The Way of God is Truth of God and you are children too.

You’ve come upon a Miracle designed wholly by The Father.  Again He chooses woman to be obedient to His Will.  You, too, My daughters, must obey, for if you don’t, the sadness that will be yours one day will be beyond your scope.  I do not say These Words as threats but as an indication that you must begin to kneel and offer dedication.  The simple act of prayer and of true devotion must grow within each child of God’s, for the life that is in motion.  I ask you once again to imitate the way you know is right and to eliminate the weaknesses of man.  So be it.”

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