ON APRIL 14, 1970 AT 10:35 AM


“My daughters, never let man destroy My Beads.  Never let man eliminate My Beads, for if you do, it will displease The Father, for abuse such as this, He must show His Hand.  Say the Beads that I hold dear and bless yourself with the Cross that leads you to the first bead and carries you, in thought, to the final Bead of Love to Me, back to the Cross.

When I did stand at the foot and watched the Agony, I stood there begging The Father to end it soon, for My Love for Him was engraved upon My Heart, and I felt the thorns, put on His Head, pierce My physical Heart.

The suffering that He gave for every child of His can be eased by the prayers of the Rosary.  Help others bend their knee this way.  Do not delay, My daughters.  Ask His sons to also kneel and speak out loud His Name.  The more children who will bend their knee this way, will be the strongest force on earth to drive satan away.  The Cross, the Beads, the act of love, obedience to Me.  Remember, children, show your love in this way to Me.”

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