ON APRIL 14, 1970 AT 3:25 PM


“My children, I come to you today for you are My children.  In some ways, lost to Me; but in some ways, very close to Me; for I did create you in My Image and Likeness, out of My Love.  I created you so one day you would be Here with Me, to share the Beauty of the Heavens and of My Love with thee.  Oh, My children, do not fall into the abyss of satan, for your cries would be so loud I could not bear to see this.

I ask you, with My Open Heart, to listen well and hear, to stand up straight and tall for Me, and do not abuse what I hold dear.  I ask you, in a loving way, to think of all the truth that will lead you to the path I love and help you grow My Way.  Do not let other men turn you from My Side; but please, My children, kneel and pray, and ask for Me to guide each step you take along life’s way.

I ask you on the morrow, to kneel more and pray.  Don’t let confusion cause you so much dismay.  Walk with Me, My little ones, and never turn away, for as you walk and hold My Hand, there’ll be time to pray.  So be it, for now.”

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