ON APRIL 20, 1970 AT 3:20 PM


“Many things are to be done.  Many prayers are to be said.  Many acts of penance to be performed.  Many sacrifices to be done.  Many walkings to the railing to receive the Host of Love.  Many Rosaries to be said to The Queen Above.

Nowhere is Heaven gained by laziness of the way.  Oh, children made by God, don’t take the easy way.  Many things are to be done by everyone right now.  Many Miracles are not needed the way you think they’re to be done.  The very breath you breathe, the very beat of your heart, the voice you speak with, the eyes you see with, are Miracles of God.  Do not demand of God what you think He should do, but bend your will with His Will and show Him you can love.  Stop asking and receiving and learn to give yourself.  Show the love that’s in you.  It’s there; just give of self.

I say These Words with strength and firmness to tell you what must be, for, daughters, man has become so lax in his way of thinking and of acting for The God Above.  I see so many children taking the easy way out, sinning and relaxing, and saying, ‘It’s the only way out.’ What sadness there is in this, for the senses of each man should be held down in pleasure, and sacrifice made instead.

I love you, for I love Him; for I was also man and I know the beauty of walking in this Divine Plan.  Be courageous, My little ones, for The God Above.  His Love is so tremendous for each and every one.  I could speak for hours.  You could not stand the length of time in one sitting, as man, but in the Words I’ve spoken, there is much that you can do.  I love you, little daughters, follow the plan I’ve given.  So be it.”

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