ON MAY 6, 1970 AT 11:00 AM


“My daughters, man says, ‘I see no return for my prayers, for my acts of love in the Way of God.’ God smiles and says: ‘The beauty of your life, the purpose of your life, My Promises are enough.  I hold back on many things for you are weak, small, and I am King.  Be subject to Me alone for I do love thee.  Go your way and grow in love of Me.  There are so many children who need My Words.  Tell them about Me.  Tell them I am heard through a child such as thee.  The Miracles of time are many but man is too busy to see, to look beyond what he feels is his own misery.  Turn your misery into joy.  It can be done.  Do the things that are necessary to live as One with Me.  Do not make excuses to not receive the Host of Love, My Gift to you to make Us One in Three.’

You see, My children, I speak now and I welcome your open heart, for as I press Mine to yours the Wounds of Mine are eased until you push Me away.  Don’t walk each day thinking only of your gain, but walk in love, walk in hope.  Be spiritual in your way.

I could speak to every child at once, but I do not deem it this way.  I use a child to speak My Words.  It is more personal this way.  I love you in an ultimate way.  There is no more to be said.  Feel warmth in My Love for you and remember to go ahead in My Way only, and when you feel temptation, say My Name, call Me out loud and I will be there.  So be it.”

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