ON MAY 14, 1970 AT 10:45 AM


“I am Saint John Vianney and I come, not with an emotional love, but a Spiritual Love.

Do not feel the act of penance is a thing to look forward to in horror, but grow so in love with the beauty of it that you will feel a desire for it.  So many children came to me, fearful and in anxiety, and many left wanting to say more, but I always asked The Father to hear the finish of the words they could not bear to say to me, or the words they felt there was no time for, in the time of man.

Remember too, that when you approach the railing with much love, The Father says: ‘My child, it’s good to see you.  Please do it often, for when We’re One, you’ll grow so strong in love that when weakness grabs at you, you’ll feel I’m there with you.’

Children who stray beyond a point need help from other children.  Never deny to hear a child who needs your attention at a time.

Many Saints are in the Heaven, waiting for children to call Their Name, so They can serve God in a special way, and even when a child does not ask for help, there’s always Someone ready to help.  So, as you pray for yourself, pray for another one, maybe two, maybe three, and many Blessings will come.

There’s much satisfaction from your praying; so remember, as you pray, each word is taken by the wing and brought to Heaven with no delay.  Many Angels are constantly busy, performing Acts of Love, so that children such as you will walk to God Above.

There are so many things to be said to help you on the way.  I ask each one of you right here to kneel each day and pray so that others will grow strong and learn to pray a lot.  Teach them, too, to be example in the way they walk.

I bless you with a Blessing from The God Above, the Blessing of the Crucifix, Who signifies Three in One.  So be it.”

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