ON MAY 15, 1970 AT 11:30 AM


“My children, I am Saint John Vianney and I come through this child to verify the Words, but mostly to help you on your way to God.

My path to Him was not easy, but now that I stand Where I am, I often thank Him for allowing Me the privilege to grow so in love with Him that now I am a Saint.  This must also be your Goal in life:  Sainthood, Heaven, living with The Father.

As you walk each day, walk it in love.  As you face each man, face him as Our Lady would face him.  As you teach others the way to God, teach them truth, teach them strength, teach them courage, teach them the Rosary.

When dullness enters and you feel empty inside, use prayer as your guide, use prayer as your help, use prayer as your stabilizing force, for it is that.  When satan enters, not so you can recognize him for he has many devious ways, pray, children; for he often covers the stench of evil with the beauty of nature.

Those of you, children, who feel alone in your way of prayer, stop now and pray more, for the loneliness you feel is there is a human thing.  There is no loneliness in prayer, for every time a child prays, One of Us is there.  Feel assured, rest at ease, be confident in These Words.

Sacrifice is not for your neighbor.  It is a personal thing for you.  Offer all things to God.  Offer your life to Him, in service of the way you live.  No better way to walk than this.  No better way to live, as man, than this.

I give you My Blessing.  As I raise My hand, I cross you with God’s Love; for you are man, a creation of His, born of His Love, to return to Him, deep in love.  So be it.”

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