ON MAY 20, 1970 AT 10:05 AM


“My daughters, My loved ones, My children, I stand Here in the Heavens and smile with a Mother’s Love on children such as you.  When I walked the earth, I left My Heart open to the Commands of The Father, and each time He directed Our Way, We asked for safety, and We asked Him to lead Us so We would not stray.

Today is no different from the time in which We lived.  The Father is again asking children to pray.  Some are ignoring the request.  Some are determining the validity of the request.  Some are saying, ‘I don’t have time; I am too busy with the things of the day’; and now I say with much love to you today, ‘Don’t be too busy to pray the Rosary I love, and when children say each bead, the Souls Who can no longer help themselves and are in need, are helped by the Rosaries, the Beads that you pray to Me.’

Remember, My daughters, the beauty of prayer is a beauty unknown to man.  The beauty of love that man feels for each other is only a touch of the Beauty of Heaven.  Think back to a time when you felt the gift of love, and now I do ask you to look forward to a continuous way of love.

The Father does say: ‘Please, Mother, ask them to pray.  Ask them to visit Me each day.  Ask the children I created with My Love to grow in this way.’ Do not make excuses, My little ones, for time in a prayerful way is gainful, not only spiritually, but in a physical way.  The strength you gain, the courage you feel when you perform acts of love in this way, will remain with you every day.  Do not feel My Rosary is not for you to say.  I ask you in a personal way to remember it each day.

I leave you now with a Mother’s Love, but I do ask each child here to follow through in What I said, and life as man will then be dear.”

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