ON MAY 25, 1970 AT 9:50 AM


“Oh, My sons, I come in love, not haste, but I come with a plea to each.  I say to you this: ‘My Rosary I love, and so many men disagree with Me.  Willful children they are, for they’ve made up their minds that the Rosary is not needed and is passe.  Never can this be, for each time a child says a Rosary to Me, the Blessings I give abound.’

When a son kneels to pray, I love him for this, for I know that his way would be different than this; but I say to you now, ‘Please offer this prayer in love, in thanksgiving for all that you have.’ Each time a son holds My Beads I smile and say, ‘I hear you.’

Remember sons, the way My Son walked the earth.  He, too, prayed, for He looked to The Father for constant aid.  Oftentimes Joseph and I would look at Him as He went away.  We wondered how long it would be that He would be gone from Us to stay.  Constant trust in The Father was Our sole companion.  It must be yours, for in God’s Plan you are in the pattern.  Certain children He depends on to carry on for Him.  The tasks He places are sometimes heavy but many Graces come with them.

Remember What I’ve said today and never doubt One Word; for, if you do, it will distract you from the words I love to hear, the Prayer of Love, the Beads of the Rosary.  Never be without it, so at the slightest movement you can reach into a pocket and think of Me.  Time for God and in His Way will bring you love, peace, joy, tranquillity and purpose.  Remember These Words.  Remember this day.  Remember the prayers I want you to say.  So be it.”

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