ON MAY 25, 1970 AT 11:05 AM


“Works of God, acts of love, nowhere does it say, are only for religious who walk a special way; but, as of today, you must begin to think this way.  Do not wait for tomorrow to begin to perform the actions that you know should come from within.

I am Saint John Vianney, and as I walked as man I could see the need for children of all kinds, all ages, to walk for only the Divine Plan, but so many children say, ‘I’m busy, God, today.’ Some others offer no excuse except it’s not their way.  It is your way, for each one here was born of The Father’s Love, and nowhere did He say, ‘Your actions can only be directed for self-love.’ So, I do say to you: ‘Be alert to what you can do, then do it in humility and in love for Him.  You’ll find a different way of living.  You’ll find it has new purpose.’

If every child devoted time like this, much satisfaction would be given to the daily way of living.  Don’t make excuses, little ones, for they are only excuses, but look to reason in God’s Plan and do it for Him today.  Do not say, ‘I am inadequate’; no man is otherwise.  Do not say, ‘I’m weak,’ for only God is Strength.  Do not say, ‘I am ill,’ for The Son of God gave His Life.  Do not say, ‘I’m busy,’ for no prayer goes unheard, for the Heavens, too, are busy helping all the children.  Much waste of time is catered to, so as you find yourself about to waste an hour, pray and devote the hour to The Father to use where He Wills it to be done, where it will help another Soul.

You see, My children, so many ways to go to God; no excuses, no waste of time.  In the beginning you will crawl.  It will be slow, but then one day you’ll grow and walking will be fun.  More joy will be yours when you begin to run.  I leave you with My Priestly Blessing; the Power is from God.  I bless you in His Names, The Trinity of Love.”

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