ON MAY 27, 1970 AT 3:25 PM


“So many children call My Name because of what they’ve heard.  I say to you: ‘I am your Mother, and when you call My Name I answer you with Love in a special way.  I often whisper extra Words to you when you do pray the Rosary of My Way.’

All the Saints are coming forward to perpetuate God’s Way, to aid The Miracle of Joseph that is on the Winds.  The Winds of Power, driven by God throughout the world you live in, are bringing His Name, His Way, and telling His Power.

Oh, little children, I do love you.  These Words I say with Love.  Get other children to kneel and say the prayers that I do love.  More power is in these prayers than I can tell you of, for as you say them repeatedly I gather Souls for God.  Remember too, the Rosary can be called the Beads of Peace, the Beads of Love, the Beads of Strength, the Beads of Courage, the Beads of Truth.  The Cross is to remind you of My Son.  The special prayer on the Cross is beautiful to hear.  The one that follows, to The Father, is beauty to Our Ears.  The Beads that call to Me, I listen to and hold most dear, for when I hear the words I know another Soul is near.  Don’t set the Rosary aside, please, My little ones.

Sometimes the children act in pride so no one else will see or hear this beautiful devotion to Me, for many men are fighting it and putting it to the rear, and saying, ‘Don’t bother saying it, it’s no longer to be here.’ Nowhere did The Father give this command, nor did He ask Me to stop this in His Plan.  So I do say to My little ones that I do hold dear, ‘Perpetuate the Rosary, bring many Souls to Here.’”

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