ON MAY 28, 1970 AT 11:35 AM


“My children, every day is important to God; also important to man, but man sometimes says, ‘I’m unoccupied today,’ and he wanders off, sometimes in sin.  He knows that a lack of activity, a lack of prayer, a lack of direction can bring him nowhere, so man is foolish, for this lack will only cause him despair.  If man were to realize that sin comes easy, he’d look to prayer each hour that he becomes uneasy.

I am Saint John Vianney, and I do say to you, ‘I walked the earth as man and I was fully aware of the waste that man allows, and of how sin can cause despair.’ The tiredness I often felt, after a busy day at hand, was usually hated by the enemy of God, for then he’d work real hard and tell me what I did was only a facade, a coverup for personal gain, a coverup for personal satisfaction in His Way.

The delicate mechanism of man can be strengthened by the prayer he says, as man, to The Father Who does love him all He can.  When man says ‘I love you’ to another man, there’s happiness between them for there’s security at hand, but the feeling that they feel, the knowledge of security is small compared to the time they say to God, ‘I love You.’ A love affair in the way of man is happiness to him.  It’s stimulating, has enjoyment, and gives purpose to his plan; but truly being in love with The Father of all men is Love no words can describe, and the feeling is one in which there’s always room for more growth, more excitement, more peace, more tranquillity, more love.  If every man who says, ‘I love You, God, so much,’ if he would learn to love Him more, no evil could he touch, for the beauty of the love that man would feel each moment, would give him strength to fight against the stench of evil.

All through time so few men have been example in the way of loving God above all things.  You’ve read stories saying, here or there, man did sacrifice and prayer, and loved God above all things.  Some you have not heard of and some you never will, but the outstanding ones were men like you.  Remember this each day, and desire very much to fall in love with God so much that nothing else matters, so when you face Him one day, the Beauty of His Love will show you all the things that are in Heaven Up Above.  Don’t say, ‘This is not for me, I’m not good enough.’ False thinking here, for now’s the time to fall in love.  So be it.”

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