ON MAY 28, 1970 AT 11:50 AM


“I am Saint Michael.  The Father has asked Me to deliver These Words, to talk of the Cross.  The Cross is your sign of love.  The Cross was His Sign of Love.  The Cross is your way to love.  The Cross was His Way to Love.

Each time that man does venerate the Cross, he says to God The Father:

‘I believe in the things that You have said, that You have done, and that You Will to be.  Through the Cross I wear today, please let it be my way to Eternity.  Help me bear the one You gave me with strength, courage and much love; but most of all, dear God, help me grow so in love that I will, one day, ask You to make the cross I bear heavier than You first gave, so I can save children for You here.’

A beautiful way to live for God.  Show the Cross you love to every child who sees you, to remind them of Up Above, and then remember to say often the words that He does love: ‘I love You, God.  Help me to bear the cross well.’  So be it.”

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