ON JUNE 2, 1970 AT 3:15 PM


“I am Saint Francis of Assisi, and I say to you: ‘Join the order of the children that are dedicated to The Father in the way of life you stand.  Don’t think that to follow God’s Words, to be solely in love with Him, wholly drawn to do only what He Wills, that only the religious state you must be in.  This is not true, for if it were, so few Saints would be Here in Heaven, for don’t forget, My children, the majority of men walk as you, the state in which you live; but, as you walk, remember this:  to dedicate your life to the Purpose God did mean for it; and do not be fearful of all strife but counteract it with prayer.’

Be more patient with others.  Be kind where there is fear.  Be gentle where there is roughness.  Be courteous with those who are ignorant.  Be zealous with those who are lazy.  Be awake for so many sleep.  Be alert to the evil that surrounds you.  Be demonstrative in love for Him.  When you love man, you somehow show it.  When you love God, you find all means to hide it.

Think of your life as it is.  Make the changes that must be made and grow in love with Him.  Don’t think it’s for another one, These Words I say to you.  They’re for each child in this room, and many others too.  Tonight, before you lay your head, cross yourself and say:

‘I love You, God.  Help me know the pattern I must use in prayer and acts of love suited to my way.  I know that I must learn real slow, so every step I take will be so strong within my heart that I will be ready to take a bigger step on the way to You.  I love You, God, thank You.’  So be it.”

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