ON JUNE 3, 1970 AT 11:10 AM

“All through the world children need more knowledge of what must be.  Children must be shown the love for the Rosary.  Some children have never seen the Beads of Love to Her, so I do ask each child here to spread this love She so deserves.  As each bead is said, She smiles and says, ‘Another child is taking the time to say the Beads to help other Souls to reach Here.’ It is not a useless prayer and not one of the past.  It’s as modern and up-to-date as anything can be.  Teach the children what it truly means.

When I hear daughters speak, I listen to each word.  I heard you mention gossip, and I say quite firm: ‘The way you speak must be for God, the way you love must be His Way; the way you walk each day must be the way to Him, the way for Him, the way in Him, that you feel.  The words you say to everyone you meet can radiate His Love if you will but allow the Grace to show from thee.’

Sometimes, when disturbance is allowed, it magnifies itself.  Sometimes the less that is said diminishes what you feel, for satan says: ‘Enjoy yourself.  Be kind to yourself.  Love yourself before all else, before all things.  Be quick to notice what is wrong.  Be observant and say the things that come readily to your mind, for when you do, others will think more of you.’

When Our Lord walked the earth, many, many times people would say many things against The Divine.  Sometimes, too, they would belittle the walking of His Way.  He knew the power of silence and would never say the things He knew would satisfy Himself alone.  What better example could man have than this one alone?

When children of a little age are hurt or feel neglected, they oftentimes cause disturbances with what they say or do, for they are hurt and need attention.  So it is when children of other ages, too, feel hurt or neglected, they feel the need to do.  So many things must be taken care of in this way.  Charity of love for them is not for another day.

It is true, there are hurts, there is loneliness, there is fear, but remember, God is always Here.  Trust Him; do not deny your trust to Him.  Love Him; do not cheat yourself of the Beauty of this Love.  Do not let just the formal prayers be your words to Him, but talk to Him childlike and He will always have a grin; for when He holds you in His Arms, if you were to really feel Him you’d probably be frightened, for at the lightest touch of Him, the Beauty and the Love that would radiate from Him would make you know how weak you are, and all that you would want would be to be with Him.

The daily strife, the daily worries, the daily cares must be handled at the moment, but you will find if you will trust more in the Divine Plan, the things that cause you turmoil will be less painful to you then.  You deal with wills and not just man.  You deal with likes and dislikes governed by the will.  You deal with hates and loves, also governed by the will.  You deal with weakness, distrust, motivated by the will.

That is why it’s so important to learn so much to trust Him with all you are, with all you have as such.  You cannot learn to love Him to a great amount without, first, the desire, the trust, obedience to His Will; and then the time will come and He will allow you to know the Beauty of His Love, the Greatness of His Love, the Magnitude of His Love, the Perfection of His Love.  So be it.”

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