ON JUNE 5, 1970 AT 12:25 PM




“If at this moment, in the sky, a Bleeding Heart would appear, many children would run for their lives in fear.  So few would recognize the Beauty to behold, for to them the phenomenon would cause them only fear, for nowhere in their lives have such things occurred; but, always in the sky there is a Heart that bleeds, and all men do pass by, ignoring What is there.

This day is set aside by man to signify God’s Love.  Every day is a day that man should realize His Love.  It is good, though, to see many men concerned with this special day that reminds them of The Heart that was given in a very special way.

Men connect much importance with the heart they have.  It is their life and a point that they hold dear within.  I say to you, My children, The Heart that shows Itself to you is The Heart of Love for all men that God created from a Love beyond man’s knowledge, and is always there.  Every drop of Blood that It does shed is out of love for man.  Each sin that man falls into causes harm to this Heart, causes wounds.  All the wounds that affect this Heart are never seen by man, for if it was seen, The Heart would be in shreds, but God holds It together so when men do see It, they only see a Beauty and the Love that’s in It.

If every man would give up sin, The Heart would no longer bleed, for It would have a Glow that all men could see, and when they saw It, they could not feel fear, for It would be a Beauty that they would hold most dear.  I know of What I speak for the Heart is Mine, and I ask each child that’s here to try to make It shine.  When you permit a falsehood or a sin, stop and think of what you’ve done, and make a promise then that you’ll have no part of the shredding of My Heart, and you will only cause the Light to begin.

The Miracle of Joseph is on the Winds of Power.  From the time He was first chosen much Love came from Him, and nowhere in His life did He cause any shredding.  So I say to all men to imitate This Man.  Never did He doubt what He was asked to do, when He was once assured of its truth.  All through His life He was careful as He lived as man, for He knew the Beauty of God’s Plan.

I join My Heart with yours, and as They touch, I say to you, ‘Let the love of yours radiate a love so bright that when others see the Light, they will come to Me for advice on how to make their heart like yours.’ I love you, not just this day, but every day you live, and I do say with Love, ‘I gave My Heart so you could live.’  So be it.”

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