ON JUNE 11, 1970 AT 10:45 AM


“I smile at the child who delivers My Words to you.  The Words are correct, They are All Truth.  I will vouch with My Love for Them, for Joseph was My Spouse among men.  The time is now for this Beloved Saint of God to be recognized the way The Father deigns it to be.  The Father says, ‘The children have not learned enough about Thee.’ Joseph smiles and says: ‘Your Will, My God, must be carried through for Me.  I know many children will be surprised to hear so much Oratory from Me, but they will become accustomed to the Words and the Decrees.’

My children, the Rosary I love must flourish in all parishes soon.  Make a point of gathering others to these prayers that carry a power and a love, a comfort and a peace each time they are said.  Gather My sons to say them too, for when the depth of their voices ring true, it brings Me pleasure and I have less concern for their future; for, I know if they will bend their knee in this love to Me, they’ll gather strength and think before they sin.  Have it in evidence to them, for when they see it some might even grin, for it brings back memories or thoughts of things in their life that had been.

The many children who have never had the privilege to learn this prayer, introduce it to them and they will find a strength in the learning of this prayer.  In many Visions I have asked the children to say these prayers aloud, to be reverent when they do, and sometimes I have been known to join with them.  I will join with you each time.  Remember this.

Any time you feel a personal problem, distrust or apprehension, do not accept the company of man alone, but come to Me, for what mother does not understand and want to console?  Ask Me to lift the heaviness, to help you better understand what must be for you among men.  Also, go to Joseph, for He protects where no one can.  Learn to call on Him above all men.

I leave you now, but with My Love.  I cross you with My Hand.  The Cross is to give you strength to stand among all men.  So be it.”

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