ON JUNE 15, 1970 AT 1:35 PM


“I sit in the center of the floor on a throne-like chair.  I encircle you around Me to tell you how I care.  Two at My Knees, one on each side, pick the place you wish to be, and now I say, ‘Cherish, My daughters, the Love I have for thee.’ The love is as a mother’s, special in a way, but remember that it’s one that is understanding in most ways.  When you feel the need to determine right from wrong, never question coming to Me.  Discuss the matter, right or wrong, and the decision will be easier for thee.

My Son did give His Life in an ultimate way for thee, and when I stood and watched the terrible things they did to Him, I asked The Father to forgive and to help them in their sin.  Upon His death, I walked away, knowing that His Will to love The Father perfectly had been fulfilled.  From childhood on He knew that one day it would come about, that He would give His Life for man, to show man what life was all about.

Decisions will have to be made by each of you.  Remember, daughters, look to the light of truth.  Make your decision as He would have made it and never worry over the consequences from man, for many men are driven by the enemy.  So, if you follow truth, nowhere will you fail.  Remember, daughters, love Him, show your love and nowhere will you fail.

I ask each child to remember My Prayer, to remember the love that can be shared.  Never be without My Beads I love, for they will be strength, give you courage and love.  If I were to say, ‘Tomorrow a decision must be made,’ what would you do first, become anxious or pray?  Would you depend wholly on you, or would you trust solely on Us?  Remember, each day, walk in His Way, glow in His Light and pray in His Way.  Depend wholly on Him; seek Us, not with dismay, but with delight.  Let Us be friends each day.  Remember, My daughters, to come only This Way.

I leave you now but I shall return.  I will ask you questions.  Think first, ask help, call on Us.  I love you, I bless you.  So be it.

1.  Do I fight temptation or do I react to its pleasure?

2.  Do I make my own decisions or do I trust in answers to my prayers?

3.  Do I pray daily or do I neglect depending on prayer to aid me?

4.  Do I realize that The Holy Eucharist is food for my physical as well as my Soul?

5.  Do I examine my day or do I pass it off, when night comes, with a frivolous attitude or with indifferent thinking?  Or, do I wonder how to improve the lack I felt, the neglect I showed my living?

6.  Did I dismiss the Rosary from my thinking or did I just neglect it to do something else?  Or, did I remember how important it was to Our Lady, and did I say it to please Her as She has so often requested Her children to do?

7.  Do I offer my way, do I offer my acts, do I offer my words, for the sins of man?

8.  Do I desire Sainthood or do I just take each day as a matter of fact and not think of it in a special way?

9.  Do I pass off the things that are necessary to perform, as I would if I lived next door to The Holy Family, knowing that Jesus was so good?  Think of this one, My children.  Picture yourself as a neighbor.  Would you act the same way then as you do now to a neighbor?

10.  Do I take for granted what I am, what I have?  Or, do I see a purpose for my way of living?

Go over these questions, answer them well.  Think into them deep, and discuss them with Me when We are alone some night before you sleep.  So be it.”

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