ON JULY 1, 1970 AT 2:10 PM


“My children, I come through the child to dramatize a Miracle, to teach you the worth of a Miracle to man.  I am Saint John Vianney and I come through the suggestion of The Father to greet you today, for the perpetuation that the Name of The Beloved Saint, Saint Joseph, be scattered throughout the lands, be evident to every man, for man to have confidence in Him and the Divine Plan.  A Miracle such as This is to give Strength, to give Hope, to give Purpose, to give concentration on What is His.  As It touches each life It leaves an indelible mark.  Remember this.

The many prayers you’ve offered gained many Graces for you, and in many ways, gave you a strength you could not describe.  The difference between this strength and what you receive leaning upon man for physical needs is so tremendous in size, so different in all ways, so do not try to understand but accept with love and praise.

A little child must go to the Communion Rail of Love to receive What is there from the Man of God, who is an instrument for Him Who Is.  The children who deprive themselves neglect to receive the power of strength that is in this act of love to Him.

Many times I witnessed children struggling against sin, struggling with the hope to win, but forgetting the most important part, trust in Him.  Many men walk in fear, concerned with just that moment.  The Beauty of a Miracle is happiness within.  It is not just for one moment, but lasts, and can be regained if the child feels a slipping from the way; just ask for Love from Him.

Across the lands man says, ‘I know that there’s a God but I have not seen Him, nor have I seen Him nod.’ The Father smiles and says, ‘The very life you have is My nodding with My Love to you each day you live.’

Man looks for Miracles to solve all problems of the day.  What man sometimes does not understand, that the Miracle is to let his will do the Will of The Father every day.  I smile when I do say this for every man alive has the power to dedicate his life to The Father Who stands High.  So, now that you have heard what Miracle can come about, I cannot help but wonder which child will shout, ‘My will is Yours, my God, use it as You want’; and remember, do not withdraw it when you feel the want.

I bless you with My Blessing, the Power of The Father, to ask you one final favor:  to thank Him for what It’s all about.  Teach others much about Saint Joseph.  Give them prayers to say, and kindly say to them, ‘He is the Saint of today.’  So be it.”

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