ON AUGUST 6, 1970 AT 1:20 PM


AUGUST 6, 1970 AT 1:20 P.M.


“My beloved children, you are gathered in My Name.  You are aware of the Cross I carried for you and there are times you have felt the weight of a cross, not a visible one like Mine.  So many children wonder if the path they are taking or have taken is agreeable to Me, or the one in which their Souls will be saved in Eternity.  I say to you now, ‘Do not look back but look at now.’ Say to yourself, ‘Today I begin an organized, deliberate path for Him.’ Let charity reign, and let perseverance in The Father’s Way drive you on in work or play to do the Will you know is His to say.

Much prayer is needed in the physical living way, for how else can you communicate with The Father?  It is true, acts of love can be done by you.  It is true, you can be good and walk in truth, but let Me say, too, ‘Prayer is a definite way to talk to The Father, to Me, in a special way, for many Graces are given you when you use humility this way.’ An act of humility can be shown by kneeling and saying to God alone, ‘I love You and I kneel to show my Reverence, to show the Honor I feel.’

Do not let one day pass without receiving The Holy Eucharist, Who I Am.  Remember, when you say, ‘Amen,’ you close the prayer began by the Man of God who is there, and when you close your lips and We are One, think only of the Beauty in this Act of Love.  When you rise to walk away, you carry Me inside, so be sure to pray.  Do not let distractions turn you away; remain One in unity this way.  I could talk and you would listen, but it would not mean more to you than the quiet union with Us Two.  Know that as you walk to receive Me from the Man of God, there is an anticipation that you cannot describe.

When you leave the House where I am, be in joy, be in peace, be in calmness within.  I love you, for why else would I allow so much?  Remember, prayer is an important way to keep in touch.  I offer you My Hand to lead you Here to Me.  Be sure you hold it tight, constantly.

I bless you with the Cross that I once hung upon.  The Cross itself was not a beautiful one, but the purpose for which it was made and done was the Beauty that you know.  The Crucifixion; to man it is a frightening thing, and yes, it had to be done, to prove Love and to save each child to return to God.  So keep it in mind as you go your way, and when you stumble be sure to pray.  I love you, in a special way.  So be it for now.”

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