ON SEPTEMBER 3, 1970 AT 12:55 PM


SEPTEMBER 3, 1970 AT 12:55 P.M.


“Many times you have heard My Name.  Many times you have called My Name.  Many times you have heard it spoken.  Mine was the ‘Little Way’.

Many times man prays for Me to teach My Way.  Many areas of God’s land I appear in, in God’s Way.  It is true, He allows His little Saint to work for Him in obvious ways to comfort man.  As I stand in the Heavens Here with Him, I notice how He lets so many children in who have followed the little path of love to Him.

One day I noticed Him speaking to a child through whom I had taught others, for awhile.  I smiled on the sight and was anxious to hear The Father’s Thoughts on what the child had done to come Here.  Eventually I was called, and on My appearance there the child spoke up and said, ‘Oh, there You are.’ I held out My Love and said to the child: ‘So much work was sent your way.  You returned the love in beautiful ways.’ The child who stood there smiled and said, ‘Oh, Saint Therese, never stop teaching children how to walk the “Little Way” to Here.’

The roses that I send are Ones of Grace to you from Here.  There are so many religious who need your prayers.  Many, many visits to The Blessed Sacrament will show your love, your interest in Heaven Up Above.  The Holy Eucharist must come first to give you strength, to give you courage.  Our Lady’s Rosary must be with you constantly, the framework for the beauty to come.  Make the frame a beautiful one.  Carve it slowly so when you do, each little cut will mean much for you.

It is never too late to come This Way.  It is never too late to begin to pray.  It is never too late to start anew.  It is never too late to grow in love with Him Who Is.

I bless you, children, with His Love.  He allows this privilege to Me.  Walk in the ‘Little Way’ and take Him each step to be sure you do not become lost along the way.  I smile when I add this last note:  The flowers along the way, you are welcome to pick them if you must, but remember to return them to Him one day.”

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