ON SEPTEMBER 8, 1970 AT 4:45 PM


“I smile at the gathering in Honor of My Spouse.  His Name must be heralded throughout the world.  He must be Honored, He must be Revered.  He must be known for What He is Here:  Beloved by The Father, close to The Son and in close contact with The Holy Ghost.  Men of all colors, men of all religions, men of all countries must turn to Him.  The time has come and the earth must ring out with love for Him.  Man has looked to Him, prayed to Him, honored Him, trusted Him, but man has never truly known Him.

I, your Blessed Mother, say These Words to you in favor of Him.  He is in much Power and is ready to help all children who will turn to Him.  The problems of the day could be solved by Him.  The heresies of the day could be changed by Him.  The perplexities of the time in which you live could be abolished by Him.

More men are looking to Him.  More men are beginning to wonder Who He is.  More men are beginning to suggest prayers be delivered to Him.  More men are wondering what occurred in His Life, how He met challenges and strife, how He conquered His weaknesses.  Ah yes, My Spouse as Man walked truly for the Divine Way.  As Man, He had to pray much, which He did without question.  The time now, man questions everything, even The Father.

The time now, man is weak and builds on his weakness, constantly satisfying only himself in all things.  I say to you now: ‘Turn to Saint Joseph and He will teach you the way to God.  He will lead you by the hand, to The Father.  He will heal many Souls because of His Love for The Father.’

All through time man has shouted, ‘A Miracle, please,’ and when a Miracle occurs, man stands back and rationalizes what must be.  The Truth in a Miracle is evident by the Beauty, by the Good, by the Love that occurs.  Man’s evaluation sometimes slows down other children from accepting or partaking, indulging in God’s Love.  Many times man wants to perform for God.  He feels the need, the desire, but he does not want to begin slowly or in natural ways.  When man does not grow from the small to greater things, many mistakes, many errors could take place, unless he is chosen in a specific spot, to perform in a specific manner, by The Father.

All children are in some way chosen by The Father.  The first choosing was to be born to the world.  The breath was His Love to share Heaven Above.  Of course there are special choosings, but this is only for The Father to decide, never man.  The paths to Heaven are many, enough for all children to gather Here one day, but on each path there are rules.  A child can make the path easy or more complex.  It is wiser to choose the easier way.  Begin today, total dedication, and then begin the path and pray.

I bless you, My loved ones, today, in the Name of The Father Who has given you the privilege of life, the privilege to pray and the Gift of The Holy Eucharist, to be One each day; and in the Name of The Son — His, and Mine in the way of man — read what His Heart says in the Sacrifice He displayed, in the Resurrection of His Way; and to The Holy Ghost Who will, when you ask it, teach you all the things to help you on the path to Here one day.

Men make solemn promises to each other every day, and with each one there is a little doubt of its fullness and in the length of time it will be kept; but when The Father makes a promise, no man is afraid it will not be kept.  The promise is to love Him, to serve Him in the way of man, and He will give you Heaven when the physical day ends.  So be it.”

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