ON SEPTEMBER 9, 1970 AT 10:55 AM


“My children, I hear you speak and I say, ‘Stand on the mountain as I once did and teach as I taught.’ Whether you have the title to teach, or the yearning to teach, or the need to teach, or the purpose to teach, it is all one in My Way.  Children are not learning Me, of Me and My Way.  The Biggest Lesson to be taught is not in books.  It is the Most Important Lesson of all:  Everyone Must Kneel And Pray.  All the knowledge in the world, all the tactics on how to teach, all the perfections that men feel need be, are wastes of time.  The important thing is not taught to mankind.  I shout from the Heavens: ‘Kneel And Pray.  I listen to every word you say.’

The question was asked at an earlier time:  What of the tragedy in the Church of Mine?  The enemy seeps in because of pride, for What I have he tries hard to call his own.  His evil ways are turmoil, chaos, confusion, and no peace dwells where he is evident.  Hell is a horrible place and even he hates that place.  He has no love for any man, only jealousy, pride, envy, of the Beauty that belongs to Heaven.  Many times Michael is sent forth to protect the Holy Church.  He also stands ready to fight all battles against the enemy of man.

I speak to you today with firmness and with a deliberateness of Love.  Do not let any challenge be so big that it backs you down.  Man is weak.  I am Strength.  I will give it to you as you ask, so you can perform tasks My Way.  The sadness of man is the lack of humility, the lack of trust in My Plan.  Children now are being led to destruction by many men who dread to stand up against falsehoods, evilness, despair, distrust, communism, atheism.  The children look to truth and for it.  They accept it faster than they do untruth, for somewhere inside them they know the difference.  The Guardian Angel, the Soul alerts them, but in their weakness they succumb to the easy or the demanded way for them.  If I were to allow you the look I have at the world now, you would vomit your insides out.

Through this child I have asked many times for the Holy Rosary to be said, for the children of the Holy Church to walk to the Railing and receive the Bread, the Wine:  My Body, My Blood.  I have informed thousands, through her, of the Magnitude of this receiving, and yet men are saying, ‘I am too tired; I am too busy.’ I shout, ‘Is there no man ready to stand for Me?’ Some will answer, ‘I will,’ and it will give Me happiness; but then, I see the child wander off in another direction after the thrill of accepting the task is dulled by the action.  I hear many children say, ‘Give me a cross to bear for You.’ I give the cross but I hold on to it and do not place the full weight until I know how much the child has grown.

Men are dying of the physical life all over the world.  I anxiously await for their Souls.  Some are bright, Some are dim; Some, perhaps, look thin, but oh, My children, these Souls are Mine and I only loan the Soul to man.  I know your hearts, I know your way, and I know the growth of love that you can have one day.  I say to you now, ‘Do not just think about it but do it well.’ I am The Son of The Father and I come through this child today to ask you once again: ‘Kneel And Pray.’”

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