ON SEPTEMBER 16, 1970 AT 11:45 AM


“My son, I am Saint Francis of Assisi, known for My love of God.  I did not love poverty, I used it.  I did not love sacrifice, I performed it.  I did not love penance, but I knew the rewards for it.

As you go, there will be many obstacles.  As you know, many will be conquered My way:  determination, constant prayer, perseverance in a firm way.  Man is weak and it takes strength to conquer him.

There are many men disturbed by what they feel is the new way.  Let Me tell you this:  Nowhere did God say: ‘Stop practicing truth.  Stop looking to the fruit.  Stop acknowledging the Ten Commandments.’ Nowhere did He say, ‘Rationalize My Way.’ Even the Apostles would not have dared to do, in their day, what man does in your day.

Children are neglected.  They are not being taught truth but heresy.  They are being led to the slaughter.  No one is saying: ‘Believe in God.  Praise God.  Kneel to God.  Love God.  Learn of God.’ It is not a confused state they are in.  They are in a state of oblivion.  I do not speak only of the young.  The ones of many years are ignorant, and some have loose tongues.

God is getting restless for He sees disaster everywhere.  He is anxious for certain men to stand up and cause truth to be seen by all men.  Children are unaware that We exist.  They say tradition is no longer necessary.  If it was not necessary, then God would have eliminated it.  He has given man many areas to find Him in.  Man is not only stubborn but ridiculous.

I was man.  There were many times I felt, ‘Dear God, what I am doing to show my love, is it right, is it Your Will it be done?’ I did not always get writing in the sky but I knew I would be answered as time went by.

Impatience comes from a lack of self-discipline, a lack of obedience, a lack of humility, and a lack of anyone but self.  Teach all men to look to this:  Practice self-discipline, obedience, humility, prayer, sacrifice, penance, and they will be sure of coming Here.

There is a Hell.  Believe Me, son, it is ugly, and everyone should fear it.  There is a Heaven Where I am and every child should be aware of It.  It has a Beauty not known to man.  It has Love beyond man’s.  It has so many things that man cannot understand.  It is reward for the physical way man went.

In the garb of My day and of My vocation, I bless you with My Love.  It is The Father’s Power that allowed this Locution.  It is My Obedience to Him that permitted These Words to you.  So, My son, follow through.  So be it.”

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