ON OCTOBER 2, 1970 AT 1:05 PM


“I hear you speak of sight.  Many men dwell on the subject for they feel the only sight necessary is the sight of the eye.  Many children walk with clear sight and yet walk in blindness.  Many children, walking in blindness, are going different directions.  Some, the blindness is in God’s Way, complete trust.  For some, the blindness is closing out the Purpose of life, the reality of being.  For some, blindness is an act, for they say, ‘What I do not recognize I am not responsible to or for.’

I ask the child to relay to you a Vision that takes place now.  It is in her sight as I bring It into focus.  You are blind to this Vision and yet you will see It through her eyes, through God’s Power, with My Love.

I stand in an oval type frame.  The frame is encircled with the Beads I do love.  The Cross is placed beneath My Feet.  The Rosary is lighted for you to see.  The Beads glow to show all children the way to Heaven.  The more Rosaries that are said, the greater the Light, the brighter the Vision.  The closer you come to Where I am, the Light will blind you, for the sensitive eye, the delicate mechanism, cannot withstand the richness of the Light.

Many men, in their frivolous thinking, say the Rosary is not necessary.  Oh, My children, there is a need for these Beads of Love.  Many Souls become truant when it is not a daily act.  All men should be aware of the magnitude of its power.  When you are sad, go to it.  When there is dilemma, go to it.  When there are decisions to be made, go to it.  When there is happiness, go to it.  When there is joy, go to it.  It is an all-time prayer, an all-time love, so remember, go to it.  Be alert to its purpose, to its meaning, to its value, to its love.  Cling to it, and when you say it, meditate on the beauty of it.

I know your way, I love your way, and I do say, ‘Grow in the Purity of My Way.’ There are many things to be done.  Relax where the physical way must be won.  Be happy in the life you have, and be example in truth, in purpose, in love.

The Vision closes but the Lights never go out for They are always there, ready to show all children the way to Here.

I give My Blessing to you now and cross My Love with the Sign that shows you the depth of My Son’s Love.  Think much of how He suffered and the Ultimate Goal that was His.  Imitate, perpetuate and grow in love with Him.  Go to Saint Joseph much; never ignore His Way.  The Magnitude of His Way could bring all children Here to stay.  His Love abounds and All The Saints acknowledge Where He Is, What He Is, and the Greatness of His Way.  So be it.”

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