ON JANUARY 4, 1971 AT 4:40 PM


“My children, I am a Saint Who mothered a Daughter Who stands before the world, radiant, glowing, with The Father, with The Son.  My Name is Saint Anne and I speak to you from Heaven Where I am.

Be aware at all times of God’s Love to man, through man, for man, with man, and because He made man.  Be as My Daughter was:  generous, kind, understanding, and trusting in The Father’s Will.  Do not let sorrow weaken you, do not let sad hours make you bitter.  Look to the day, offering it to The Father, and bless it in your little way by accepting the Gifts He has given for you in many ways.  The Holy Eucharist, receive It much.  The Holy Rosary, say it often.  The Divine Praises, let them be a quick prayer from you.  Accept the Blessings you now have and look forward to the growth in giving love.  Imitate The Father’s Way.  Give love, have trust, be in love and love trust.

My Blessing to you is a mother’s wish to accept God’s Love and His Way for you.  Be childlike in His Way, teaching others, serving others, helping others to know Him, through you, by example each day.  I leave you now and ask you to remember to pray each day.”

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