ON JANUARY 19, 1971 AT 11:17 AM


“I have asked the child to gather all My children in strength together.

The gift of love is personal to each man.  The amount it is developed is from man.  Reward for physical things is expected, accepted and enjoyed.

Now let Us discuss reward for growing in love with God and for nourishing the Soul that is His.  Man calls it ‘Grace’; so does God.  I have received this Name:  Our Lady of Grace.  You do not often call Me this; you prefer Our Blessed Mother.  This Name makes Me love you more for I am your Mother.

What is Grace to you?  What does it mean for you?  Why do you wish for it?  Let Me tell you.  Grace is a Gift, is Reward, is Love, for precious acts of love you do.  Grace is as rain, cleansing you, helping you, drawing you closer to God.  It has a purifying way.  There are many advantages to Grace.

I could go on and on.  My children, never be without desire for Grace, never without My Holy Rosary on you.  Be conscious of the power it is, the worth it is.  Never leave your homes without checking to be sure you have it.

My Words to you today are Truth, are Love, are Assurance.  When The Father created man, He thought of all things in His Plan.  So remember, your Purpose in life is to return to The Creator of Life.

When My Son suffered and died for you, He left a Great Gift for each of you so you could always partake in the Trinity of Love, for strength.  I see you ignore opening the door and entering to receive the Gift of Love at the Table of His Word.  The Holy Eucharist is for you, and when you say ‘Amen,’ it will be heard again and again.  As children you must learn to sacrifice, to earn Grace that will be given to you for your small acts of love.

I speak slowly to be sure My children hear every Word, so that each of you will be able to reread the Words I gave you.

Ask yourselves this question: ‘Do I accept each day for what it gives me, for what comes from it, or do I accept it with God’s Love, and desire to grow more in love, more in dedication, more in thanksgiving?’ It is a good question, My children.  Shed pride from your being.  Shed self-love from your way.  Be aware of humility, obedience, truth, trust and love, in God’s Way.

I speak from the Heavens Where I am, to tell you I care for every man.  God’s enemy is loosed upon the world, so it will take much effort on your part to conquer and not yield to the degradation, to the sorrow that he dispels.  Watch out for the net of curiosity for things that look good.  Satan uses intrigue to gather children in the net, in the web, to entangle them.  Ah yes, he is real, but so is his hate, so is his anger, so is his distrust, so is his envy, so is his turmoil.  There is no peace when you give in to him.  There is no love when you yield to him.

I expect each child here to reject sin, to conquer all the little things that cause you to sin.  Remember, My little ones, sometimes two-thirds of the effort in performing the sin is because you do not allow your mental to reject the sin.  Lock it out, remove it, and let only God’s Love come in.

You look for peace, happiness.  It is where you are, to a degree, but to enjoy it you must have it within you.  Then you must nourish it to keep it alive, to help it grow.  Oh, My children, see the evil with your eyes.  Do not be blinded to it.  It won’t go away.  It will wait for another day unless you reject it from your way.

The Father has asked Me to speak These Words to you.  I willingly do it.  I anxiously want you to react to These Words, to comply with These Words, to accept Them as Truth.

The Miracle Of Saint Joseph is far spread, widely known, and yes, teaching mankind the way to grow.  You are blessed today in a special way.  My Love comes to you with Grace to help you along the way.  So be it for now, My little Souls.  Remember, the power of Grace will help your Soul glow.”

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