ON JANUARY 21, 1971 AT 10:45 AM


“My daughters, I am Saint Francis of Assisi, and in many ways, you must bend your will to extend The Father’s Will to all mankind.  You are aware of the beauty of life, the wholesomeness that is available when all things are right.  I do not say, ‘Wear a hair shirt,’ but I do say, ‘Wear an open heart.’ I do not say, ‘Kneel twenty-four hours in your day,’ but I do say, ‘Kneel and pray.’ I do not say, ‘Hate the world,’ but I do say, ‘Accept it in the way God Wills it to be accepted.’ Look at all things from God’s point of view.  When you feel emotional, contrary, ask yourself, ‘Have I prayed today; have I asked for help, God’s Way?’

As I walked, many men wondered why I accepted things in such a small way.  I did not accept God’s Love in a small way.  My return of love was small in comparison to the magnitude of the privilege of serving Almighty God with sacrifice, penance and love.

Let you and I walk a street, where other men we meet.  Some will be friendly, some reserved, some outgoing, and some, ah yes, a lot of nerve.  We cannot judge any of these, for you see, we cannot see the heart that beats for God alone.  We must treat all men equal because of this hidden zone.

In Heaven Many are Here that perhaps you know.  They are in service to God in a way of one alone.  Now, prepare yourselves for this event that you, too, are meant to partake in.

Do not struggle through each day but greet it with purpose and love will come your way.

Do not become disturbed when others do not feel like you feel, for remember, each man reacts to things differently.  Two men can pray side by side, one devoutly, the other one distracted at times.  God judges both men justly, and He understands their capabilities at the time.  Do not become scrupulous, but when you feel failure, gather strength from The Divine and start again this beautiful climb.

You know, My daughters, God loves mankind, so despair is not God’s Way.  It is man’s weakness that comes into play.  Live a gentle life, a giving one, a purposeful one, a loving one, and as you do, bend your will to The Father’s, for one day you will know how much He truly loves you.

I close with a prayer I want you to say each day:

‘God, bless my way.  Give me the strength today to see others Your Way.  Help me to know what I must do to grow in love with You.’

So be it for now.”

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