ON JANUARY 21, 1971 AT 11:55 AM


“My daughters, when you leave My Presence today, what will you say, what will you do, what will you express to others from you?  Will you express love, care, new purpose, or will you remain as you are, just accepting life?  Let Me say this from My Heart, ‘Be fully aware of the purpose of love, the transferring of love, the giving of love, the necessity of love, the way of love, the reason for love.’

As I died for mankind, I lived.  So you, too, must do this.  You must die to the world that you love so much and live in the Realm Where All Sacred touch.  Sainthood is Here for each child I hold dear.

Be aware of My Heart and begin each day acknowledging Its Love, Its Purpose and Truth.  Oh, My children, speak to My Heart.  It will never give you reproof.  As I signal all children with the visible sign, I say as I do, ‘Be aware of The Divine.’ As you are aware, let your hearts combine with Mine.

Seldom does man see the truth, seldom does man say, ‘Look to The Heart that He gave fully one day.’ The heart, as you know it to be, is a physical thing, a shape all its own, a function so full, and yet, My children, it should say more to you.  It says, ‘I give you the motor of life to motivate you to love what is right.’ It says, ‘I extend the beauty of what is true to assure you of My Love for you.’ The next time you feel prayer should come from you, look to My Heart and speak words of love.  I will understand each one from you.

I bless you, My daughters, with The Father’s Name and in His Love, from Where you came.  I bless you with My Heart, a solid bond between Us.  I bless you with the Light of The Holy Ghost Who stands, always showing you the way to the Gate of Heaven.”

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