ON JANUARY 22, 1971 AT 10:20 AM


“I am Saint Bernard and I come for a special reason on this day.  There are many Souls to be saved, many children to be aware of these Souls.  What you know, share.  What you hear, tell others, and teach the Beauty of The Holy Eucharist to all men.  Do not let the conversation be nonchalant in attitude but let it be firm in view, and you must express the truth from you.

As I was on the earth, I spoke to many men.  Not all felt as I did about the Soul, the Purpose of life, the way to God, but I tried to encourage their growth of Faith, their service to God, in many ways.  You, My daughter, have the chance to help others who pass your way.  The little ones will listen.  The older ones might say, ‘I cannot adjust my life that way.’ So, it is important that you follow through by example in your way.

There are little ones who are confused for there is no one they know to stand up for truth.  You must help teach God’s View in this way.  On your own you can accomplish so very little, but with the help of God you can accomplish so much.  Take the acts of love that you know about and place them in a basket of gold to lay at The Father’s Feet, with each act ready to unfold a Soul that you know, a Soul that has gained closer union because you tried either to console or to direct, or you were example in God’s Way, God’s Love.

Little ones need to know certain prayers.  It gives them a home base to work from.  Too few men are ready to teach such prayers.  In prayer there is life, in prayer there is Faith, in prayer there is counseling, in prayer there is love:  basic things for man to lean upon, basic needs to help mankind through dismal times, through dark hours, through times of doubt.  Man should enjoy the Spiritual and accentuate it each day he lives.  You, My daughter, can be an instrument for this.

I bless you, My children, with God’s Love, and with the desire to spread the act of prayer, the desire for it, the beauty in it, the purpose of it.  So be it for now.”

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