ON JANUARY 22, 1971 AT 2:25 PM


Note:  This Revelation was given to two little children.

“My children, I am an Angel of great renown.  My Name says ‘Love for God, it’s all around.’ Many children have inherited My Name.  I stand for strength, for courage, and all men are told to turn to Me when evil lurks.  The love I have for God is far beyond man’s knowledge, but it is strong and firm, as yours should be, My love.

Let Me hold your hands and take you on a trip with Me; one on the right, one on the left, and We will walk steadily.  I will point out to you the many things that mankind does not know about Heaven.  Individual Saints will beckon to you if you will but let Them.  Remember, My children, to open your eyes wide to see the whole spectrum.

As We walk, there are Many Saints gathering to discuss the desires of all children.  There are Saints discussing the problems that some children have.  There are Some Saints performing many Miracles; God’s Power, God’s Love, through the Saint, for children such as you.

There are Thousands of Angels happily doing God’s Will.  There is music, there is love, there is power in all things.  The Beauty is of a range man cannot see.  God is so earnest about all children seeing Him, loving Him, returning to Him.

Please, My children, walk with Me and never leave My Side.  I will protect you from evil things and I will be your guide.  I am Saint Michael and you must keep My Name on your lips so it can be said instantly.

I bless you with God’s Love.  Remember My Name, remember Our walk, remember Our talk.  So be it for now.”

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