ON JANUARY 29, 1971 AT 1:00 PM


“I pound the table, I shout orders, and I say, ‘Be patient, be loving, be purposeful, be in sacrifice, be in penance, be in devotion, be in strict service to God.’ What other men say and do that is outside God’s Plan, let it bypass you; and you must concentrate and accentuate what is meant for just you.

As you make an offer to The Father, be sure you are sincere.  Be alert to What is Here.  Heaven is not just a Great Place, but a Heavenly One.  Many times We approach The Father, asking Him to help a child in disgrace, in need, in fear, in doubt, and The Father does not shout, but quietly says, ‘Help the child in ways he can understand so he will not become lost to What I Am.’

I, as you probably know, walked the road, eager to please God, to satisfy any need God might have, to show what truth really is.  The garb I wore was torn but I knew men were more anxious to see what radiated from me.  You, too, in any way of life, in any time, must express The Divine.

I walked in a time not familiar to you.  Only through books do you know what people had to do, but in many ways, My time was no different than yours.  We were men and we had to spend our daily hours taking care of the physical, to a point; exercising the mental, to a point; stimulating love for God to a great degree; accepting the physical way as the stepping stone to Here.

When man uses a rock to stand on, he must be sure that the rock is firmly on the ground.  So this can be compared to the physical life you are about.  Stand firm, stand in truth, stand in a glow that will bear much fruit.  Be wise but humble, be alert but sincere, be giving but learn how to take, be in service to Him Who Is.  No matter how you feel, lonely, in despair, know that you walk in God’s Eyes and in His air.  You breathe what He gives, you are what He made you.  Recognize all this and be satisfied with even less.

My sons, I, Saint Francis, lead you.  I do not pull you, push you, but I stand as example for you.  Let your lives be God’s, let your way be His, let your knowledge be truth, let your giving be in His Name.  I bless you from God’s Realm, Where I am, to stay.”

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