ON JANUARY 29, 1971 AT 8:45 PM


“I lead an army and you are a part of it.  I will lead you into battle and I will ask you to follow Me quickly.  We are about to meet the enemy.  He is well-prepared.  I turn to you and say, ‘Are you ready to fight for God?’ So I check the weapons well.

Ask yourselves this question:  What weapon do you carry?  Is it a sword?  I have one, but Mine is the Sword of Love.  It is the best weapon against satan.  Remember, it has the sharpest blade and the quickest motion.  It strikes fast and it spreads quickly.  It does not make a clean cut for it does not cut in one place.  It cuts in many at one time:  at ego, at self-pride, at self-love, at arrogance, oh yes, and sometimes even at a strong point, but when it is evil only.

Now let Me say this:  Are you still behind Me or have you gone amiss?  Have you decided to leave the fight or fight right by My Side for a cause of Greatness?  I am leading and I am ready to show you the winning side.  Oh, My children, stand straight, stand tall, and be aware of the enemy and make him fall.

We have come to the first line of battle.  Our first strike is good.  They are backing down but there are some who are strong.  I suggest We use another weapon so nothing will go wrong.  I shout at you, ‘The Rosary will help, and win the battle strong.’ Are you yet behind Me, straight and tall?  Don’t lose sight, We have won.  So don’t forget, don’t take a chance and be without the weapons:  love for God, the Rosary and all.”

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