ON FEBRUARY 1, 1971 AT 7:45 PM

“Soul, Body, Guardian Angel
Obedience, Trust, Love
Heaven, Birth, Hell
Trinity, Our Blessed Mother, Sainthood

There is a Crown that waits for you, the Crown of Sainthood.  I ask each child here to reach for the Crown, step by step, as you live on earthly ground.  On the morrow when you wake, the first step you must take is to make The Sign of The Cross and begin the day recognizing The Trinity that gave you life each day.  The second step for you, My children, is to accept the day as a stepping stone to Sainthood, Where I am speaking from today.

All the Words spoken thus far, since you entered the room, were from Me, for I, Saint Joseph, know each heart.  When you feel disturbed, tired or overly absorbed in the world, make The Sign of The Cross and ask The Father to help you think of ways to straighten your thinking that particular day.

As the Men of God, your earthly priests, stand on the Altars with the Power of Change, you must be aware and you must share the Magnificence that takes place.  Oh, My children, be awake to what happens every day for your sake.  The Heavenly Gift is One Alone.  Do not ignore The Holy Eucharist that waits for you to walk up to the Altar and accept the union with the One Who created you.  The Food It is, the Strength It is, the Love It is, the Beauty It is, is One Alone.

If I were to hand you a rare jewel, uncut, you would accept it and be happy for it.  Each day on the Altar, a Precious Jewel is handed to you, cut to size, given with Love.  Do not omit the walk, do not reject the Gift of Love for you alone.  During the day, you will feel strong if you will but accept the Gift.  You will feel Love that no one can give.

And now I add, be watchful during the day, that satan does not interfere and try to cause you to stray.  The greatest weapon in the world is Our Lady’s Gift to the world; the Holy Rosary must be a part of you.  Our Blessed Mother asks Her sons to carry the Beads in a pocket, so She will know that instantly you will be able to gain strength from the slightest touch to the Rosary.

Do not walk through life ignoring these Gifts given to you.  Also, another gift just for you, access to a visit to Someone dear to you, a visit to The Blessed Sacrament to tell your troubles to.  No better place to go than to kneel before The Father Who created you.  Speak out your mind, tell your needs, cry if you must, and give your plea.  You will be heard by The Trinity.

My little ones, My daughters and sons, place yourselves under My Mantle and I will protect each one.  The questions asked when you first arrived were Mine.  I smiled when you said the things you said regarding the Presence of The Holy One.  If you could but see the Love that He Is, you would melt with delight.  Oh, My children, let tonight be your step to Sainthood, and do not let pride rob you of strength.  Be aware of this phrase, be aware of the truth:  Pride is weakness and humility is strength.

When you are ill, the physical body must go through a healing process.  Is this not so?  Do not allow your Souls to be so darkened that They cannot glow.  Be aware at all times, from this night on, that if you were given the challenge to allow your Soul to show, would you be happy, would you be sad, would you be ashamed or would you be glad?  The brighter your Soul, the more humble you are.  Remember, My children, God is not far away from your being, from your life.  Make small sacrifice, do small penance, and thank Him for the physical life.

When you were born, you were born with a will.  The will is what you will use to determine the way you will go:  Sainthood, or to the enemy below.  I could not bear to see one lost for I know what it costs The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost.  As My Son is your Father, I am your Father.  Turn to Me, and no small request will be much bother.  I know you are tired after your long day but tonight is a beginning to reach for Sainthood.  Remember, I will look forward to Our seeing Each Other Face to face one day.  So now, when I say, ‘I have entered the room,’ I speak in truth.  I have truly come to you.  So be it.”

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