ON FEBRUARY 3, 1971 AT 11:00 AM


“I enjoyed your talk.  I was the mother of the Daughter Who is now known as The Queen of Heaven.  I, Saint Anne, come to daughters as She, interested in love, encouragement and service.  You see, My children, no thought of yours is gone unseen, unheard by Heaven.

Live your lives openly, as example, to help others arrive Here.  As you walk in the worldly way, there are many issues to be settled in the human way.  Sometimes you forget to teach the children of the Divine Truth, Divine Guidance, Divine Help, Divine Love.  You take for granted they know, they accept the Beauty, they have Faith, they are encouraged to follow God and His Plan.

As you go your way, drop notes of interest regarding the Heavenly Way.  Speak openly of favors you have heard others gain through prayer, sacrifice, penance.  It would be wise, daughters, to discuss Other Saints and Their way.  Ask them to join in with their knowledge.  First look up facts on a Particular Saint.  Drop little hints regarding the Saint so that the children will be alerted to the Saint’s existence, and perhaps something you say will be what they feel that day.

Children are not being taught the road of hope, the road of life, the road of truth, the road of trust.  Too much is taken for granted.  Too much fear is planted, for so many children do not want to interfere in others’ thoughts, others’ wills, others’ way.  This is wrong thinking and misinterpretation of expressing truth.  Please, My daughters, gently, firmly place knowledge in the little one’s way.  It will leave a mark where they will think of what you did say.  It is a way of helping them grow in the Heavenly Way.  It is a matter of need for every child every day.

From little on, children should know, children should be told that Divine Plan awaits them, Divine Will must be seen, must be obeyed, for at the Head of the Divine Will is The Holy King.  Children are told of royalty earthly.  Some feel it would be a privilege to partake in a session with this royalty.  Alert them that they can partake in action with the Greatest Royalty in the world every day.  The purpose of their lives should be shown to them.  It will eliminate fear in many ways and it will give them much strength.

I bless you this day in the way of a Saint, and I ask each child here to accept the teaching that must be done to allow the children to learn of the Heavenly Way.  So be it for now.”

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