ON FEBRUARY 20, 1971 AT 11:50 AM

Revelations to Print


“My sons and My daughters, I come today in a way of truth and in a degree of Love unknown to you.  I speak in poetry just for you.  I speak in firmness, that is true.

Each day you live, be aware of what you must give.  Each day is not a challenge but a Gift from God to you, and you must return it with love in a way familiar to you.

As you are of flesh and blood, I was too.  As you walk with daily chores, I also did like you.  I used the chores to serve God.  I used my words to let others know of Him, and when I served other men, I did it for Him.  My Name you have heard; It is Saint Anne, and when I walked the earth, I always said, ‘Let my way be example, God, for all those who follow in my path.’

As I mothered your Mother, it makes Me your Grandmother; and remember, My children, I will always love you, for it is My Love that will help you through many places that nothing else could.  In the human way, a grandmother stands for a special way.  She is understanding, she is giving, and yes, forgiving, and so as this symbol is familiar to you, remember, I must also be familiar to you.

I step aside for Another Saint to speak to you, One you know some things of, and some things are new to you.”


“I, Saint Joseph, speak with Love, with firmness and in truth.  You must pray to The Father to help you on the road to Here.  Do ask the Saints to guide you.  Do ask the Saints to help you, and yes, go to Saint Anne, for She will do all things as best as a mother can.

You, My sons, walk in a worldly way, in a way of truth, in a way exposed to much temptation and much untruth.  Satan plays games every day.  Do not fall into his trap but ignore what he places before you.  Ignore the gild, the glitter it has, and be sure you form a way of prayer and dedicate your lives to Here.

There are many things I could speak of, many places to talk of, but you must know that the first step, the solid step, the true step is accepting The Holy Eucharist for you alone.  The second step, of course, is the Holy Rosary.  Make it a great part of your daily way and do not ignore what each bead does say.  Acts of love, and in doing these things, be aware of the fruit that each one will bring; a kind word, a kind thought, a kind act when it is not easy; a loving act, a giving, when it is not an opportune time; understanding when it is difficult, obedience when it is least acceptable, and self-discipline when it is being fought by you.  These are ways for you to improve and to reach for perfection.

Shed yourselves of pride, of ego.  Look to a beauty inside, and above all things, pray.  Pray in a little way so it will grow to a grand way.  Multitudes have heard the word ‘pray’, but oftentimes this word has fallen on deaf, closed ears.  Please understand that prayer is an easy thing for you.  It is the habit of doing it that will be difficult for you, but once acquired, it will be so much a part of you that you will feel lost without it.  I smile as I step from view, for Our Blessed Mother wants to talk to you.”


“My children, it is with Love I respond to you.  It is with Caring I come to you, it is with Grace that I reward you.  Please do not ignore My Rosary.  I need Rosaries to help Souls Who can no longer help themselves.  I need your dedication in this way.  There are so many Souls dear to Me that I want so much to share Heaven with Me.  I do not want to wait until the Judgment Time.  I want them now by My Side.  It is so necessary for this to be, for as the Rosaries come, Souls come to Me.  The Father allows certain things to take place.  It is His Judgment that makes things as they are and that says, ‘This must happen before another happening occurs.’ So as I plead, so as I beseech, so as I beg all children, ‘Say the Rosaries of Mine for Souls to come Above,’ My Son stands ready to speak.  He smiles at you with Love.”


“As you sit where you are, I bless you, children, from Above.  As you plan for the future days, I bless them with Faith.  As you prepare to go forward, I give you Grace and I do say, ‘Let all things come This Way.’

As I was Man, I walked for you.  As I am now in the Heavens, I take care of you.  I look to your wills and ask you to bend them for My use.  Ask yourselves today, how much of your will have you allowed Me to use and how much of My Will have you bent yourselves to?

My beloved children, We have All spoken, and the Main Message of This was Divine Love for you, to show you that your little way is loved by All Here, and your littleness is capable to come This Way, through sacrifice, through penance, through prayer, through desiring to please what is Here; and your obedience to what you are asked to do will be Blessed by Us Here.  The Personal Love that was extended to you today must be accepted in a giving way.  Follow the request and bend thy will This Way.  I bless you with The Trinity today.”

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