ON FEBRUARY 24, 1971 AT 3:50 PM


“I am Saint Francis of Assisi and I come with an eagerness to teach you the main artery you exist on in the physical form.  The artery is life from God.  It is nourished by His Love for you.  It is the motor which makes you walk, eat, sleep, talk, see, hear.  It is the motor of truth.  The artery, to you, is a sustaining, continual thing, giving you proof that God is Above All Things.  Because this is God’s Love for you, would it not be wise then to turn to Him for answers in all things regarding your state of life, your daily way?

On the morrow, when you awake, make it a special time and begin prayer each day.  First, accept the Crucifix as a sign of how the life came, and now, look to the next act you perform through the day.  Most likely it will be to cater to your way.  Now, with this in mind, don’t forget to go to The Holy Eucharist, for He waits, and then, sometime during the rest of the day, let your hands flow over the Beads while you say ‘Hail’ to Our Lady again and again.  Do not take the artery for granted but offer penance, sacrifice and acts of love, in reparation for the mistreatment you give to The Father Who is Above.

Please, My children, think before you act, and when you act, be sure that you direct all things to Above.  Be kind, be gentle, and keep in mind the view of Heaven, the Goal for you, the Aim of every act you do.  Use as a motto for each day: ‘Cleanse your mind, open your heart, and pray.’”

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