ON FEBRUARY 26, 1971 AT 12:00 PM


“Be blest by the daily routine of the physical life.  Be alert to the opportunities afforded you by Me.  Anticipate what you can do to please Me.  Look for little favors, little childlike acts of love that might please Me.  Make example of your daily way so that others will see Me.  Think of the things that you must keep in mind that will help you on the road to Sainthood:  obedience to My Ten Commandments, purity in your way, and love in My Way.

Pray, My little ones, that you will begin to see the Beauty of Me and the ugliness of sin.  Pray that you will get close to Me and become more aware of what pleases Me.  Let your love be extended to My Heart and let yourselves be aware of My Heart.  Look to The Holy Eucharist of Which I Am.  Pray the Holy Rosary which is a weapon against sin.  Take every little act you do and point it in My Direction, and rest assured, I will see it and grant you Grace as your reward.

Never feel you are alone.  Be aware of your Soul I gave you before you were born.  Be alert to your Guardian Angel, for nowhere would I allow a child to not be guarded all the while.  Oh, My daughters, use each day in a beautiful way.  Accept each day as a Gift from The Father, and live each day, cherishing it, guiding it to the Sanctity of the Real Tomorrow.”

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