ON MARCH 11, 1971 AT 1:50 PM


“My children, My love, My cherished ones, My little devoted Souls, I extend My Arms to your little beings and profess My Love through the touch of My Hand, through the warmth of My Heart, through My Words to you.  Heaven is just the Place for you.  It is Happiness, It is Joy, It is Perfection, It is Love, It is All Things.  It is a Place of Honor and a Place to always remain close to The King.  Work hard to attain this Place.  Work cautiously to grow in love with It.

As you walk each day, be aware of Where I am and the words that must be given to all men about Me, for Me, in My Honor.  Teach children My Way.  Let them know I am their Mother.  Tell them that as I speak in Visions and through this child, it is because of My Love for them.  Tell children to ignore evil, to not be sidetracked by it.  Tell them to hold dear My Beads of Love.  They are not only a weapon against evil, but are security, truth, Grace, patience, tolerance, joy, firmness, growth, trust in what has been decreed by Heaven.

So many children are afraid to believe truth, afraid to be part of a Miracle, afraid to stand by and walk obvious in the open where other men can see them.  You see, it is important that children such as you stand so openly regarding truth that other men will be drawn by the power of truth, will be drawn to what you say and do, because of the truth in the words, the logic in the words, the love in the words, the wisdom in the words, the knowledge in the words.  Yes, you must stand in an obvious way when you stand for God, when you stand for Me, when you stand for accepting Heaven’s Way of doing things.

The Rosary must flourish around the world.  All men must seek it, hold it, say it.  All men must accentuate their love for it by participating in groups saying it.  All men must learn to accept it in Faith, in love, in truth.  All men must teach others the value of it.  All men must see the purity of it and all men must accept purity as the way to Here.  It is necessary, for God holds it dear.

The fashions in the time in which you live are obscene and distasteful, wicked, and must be stopped, for The Father sees only sin, corruption, hate, envy, jealousy come from them.  Man has put purity to the test and behind all things.  He scoffs where modesty is to be.  Believe Me, My daughters, modesty must again be, must again be seen, must again be accepted by mankind, for the beauty it is, as Me.

Man must receive The Holy Eucharist to deepen his love, to further his devotion, to increase his Faith.  It is the Ultimate Gift from The Father.

I bless you with Heavenly Grace.  I bless you with The Trinity’s Love and I bless you with My Motherly Way.  So be it.”

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