ON MARCH 12, 1971 AT 12:10 PM


“At this moment there is a child being born.  He will enter the world helpless, dependent, and unable to see truth, falsehoods.  He will be directed by other men.  He will be influenced by them.  He will be a victim of circumstances.  He will be a follower of example displayed by those with whom he must associate.

It happens every day to the newborn, and sometimes they are destined to be led astray.  Their background, the atmosphere, and the people who are in charge of them either care for God’s Way or do not care.  Much prayer is needed for all people.  Much help is needed to straighten out the thinking of those who lead the little ones in all ways.

As I walked the earth, I did not concentrate on a particular age but I did talk to men of all ages.  I began to teach when I was very young.  The Father had instilled in Me, Wisdom, Knowledge.  As I taught I often wondered how much would remain, how much children would retain, but I went My Way, continuing on God’s Way.

The day came, I was to walk away on My Own, gather men, handing out knowledge, giving truth, teaching men to bend their wills to The Father’s Plan.  There was no turning back; I had to go on.  The Purpose, the Plan had to be carried through for the Salvation of man.

As you walk in the way you are, the giving you do, the example you display, the teaching you pass on, when it deals with love for The Father, it gains Grace for you.  Dedicate all things to Him, ask Him to guide you in all things.  Make it a point to reach out with love.  There are many fallacies circling around, gathering children.  Be sure you inject Faith, truth, knowledge, and trust for The Father’s Way.  Do it gently but firmly.  Do it lightly but truthfully, and it will be seen, it will be felt, it will leave a seed.  And I will nourish the seed as I go My Way, helping all children to come This Way.

You are Blessed with Divine Love, you are subject to Divine Love, you are created from Divine Love.  Let your will be guided by Divine Love.  So be it.”

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