ON MARCH 18, 1971 AT 9:35 AM


“My son, the time has come in the world for mankind to understand, not the freedom as he expects it to be, but the freedom in loving Me, the freedom of truth, the freedom of obedience, the freedom of understanding, the freedom that self-discipline gives.

Man tends to exaggerate his bondage when he ties it in with loving Me.  When a child is in love with Me, there is nothing but freedom for him.  He feels a peace, a solitude, a Grace, a tranquillity, a love, an awareness of all things.  Bondage is when man ties himself down to sin, to deception, to abuse, to hiding, to constant concern to what is next for him.

Please, My son, let your heart grow in a flame of love for Me.  Let the flame you have now grow to a size you cannot see.  It is the Will of The Father for thee.

There are so many men searching for reality, for safety, for consciousness of truth.  They are looking in wrong areas, angles, and dark corners.  They are looking to man.  Man is not capable of full truth, full knowledge, full love.  Man is limited in his capacity to extend the real greatness of the physical life.

As the will of man was the main force to be born, a force injected by The Father, man must use this force, through the physical life, to attain Heaven.  It is the will of man that decreases the Grace or increases the Grace.  You have the will to eat or not to eat.  You have the will to kneel or to not kneel.  You have the will to Honor Me or to not Honor Me.  You have the will to sin or to not sin.  You have the will to accept truth or untruth.

I have given you this freedom of will.  It was an ultimate Gift at the touch of conception.  It is this to all men:  free to accept, free to trust, free to love, free to serve.  This is to be taught with dignity.  It is to be seen by all men.  This is to be given as a point to all children to understand.  Gory detail, horrible results do not encourage truth.

You are loved, My son, much, for your desire to please The Trinity, for your childlike manner to The Saints and to Us.  There are many children yet that must follow as you have learned to follow.  It is only the beginning for you and for man, but there has to be an awareness sparked by love for Here.  There has to be an awareness of Truth that is Here.  There has to be a seed planted, to be nourished by Here.

Sometimes a man’s will becomes so in habit of self-love, it is difficult to break him of the habit.  He makes excuses for things he does not want to understand.  This is where prayer is your weapon to counteract satan’s hold.  Satan says, ‘Love yourself.’ I say, ‘Love The Trinity.’ Satan says, ‘Enjoy yourself.’ I say, ‘Enjoy the beauty of using the physical way to return to Me one day.’

Whenever you receive The Holy Eucharist, you receive a Transfusion of Divine Love, Divine Body and Blood, into the natural means.  What Greater Gift can man receive than This?  When you hold the Holy Rosary, the power of its beads, the love they are, the truth they are, gains you Grace nothing else can give.  Oh, My son, what more could you have to gather strength from, than The Holy Eucharist, the Holy Rosary, and love for Us?  So be it.”

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