ON MARCH 18, 1971 AT 11:15 AM


“My beloved daughters, I am The Queen Of The Most Holy Rosary.  I address you today in a cherished way,
in a way of complete Truth of Sanctity.  You must listen to What I have to say, and as you do, promise yourselves that you will change in little ways, that you will ask for more help from The Father, that you will seek more trust in Him, and that you will begin to follow His Plan in a greater degree so that your Souls will return to Him, glorious in victory.

Do not take the little ailments of the physical life so fearfully.  Please, My children, give strength in all things.  Offer to Him any feeling you have, any adversity you are aware of, and seek His Hand, His Help, His Love, His Trust, to guide you, to guard you, to help you withstand the little things you fear.  Remember, My children, God Is All Things, God Is All Love.

When the time comes for you to receive The Holy Eucharist, do not make excuses that you cannot receive.  Do not be frightened, but ask at this time that The Father will understand you.  If you feel that The Holy Eucharist is not for you, then receive It spiritually from Him.  Gain the Grace that such a Communion can give.

My beloved daughters, the Holy Rosary, a weapon against the evil one, is for all mankind to hold, to say, to respect, to love.  Let other men know you are dedicated to Me through this way.  You are loved in so many ways.  Do not feel weakness, but feel strength.  Do not act weak, stand strong.  Do not intimidate yourselves in this way by saying, ‘I cannot do it,’ but say, ‘I can do it.’

I bless you with My Motherly Love, in a Heavenly Way, with God’s Truth for you each day.  So be it.”

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