ON MARCH 22, 1971 AT 2:50 PM


“The fruit of a good life is what you can see of good at the end of the time.  The fruit of labor is usually shown by the results.  Is this not so?

I am your Beloved Mother.  My speaking to you in this manner is unusual to you; in many ways, unknown to you.  I speak from the Heavens to you, for you, with you.  My Voice carries through the child to you.  She is an instrument of God for mankind.  My Purpose in speaking to you this way is this:  Have in evidence My Holy Rosary for all men to see, to remind them of Me.  My daughters, do not take a chance on walking alone.  It would not be good, not be safe.  There are too many enemies for you to face, so take Me wherever you go.

The Beloved Saint Joseph must be shown to the world, throughout the world, for the Place He has in Heaven, for the Power He is, for the Love God has for Him.  He walked the path of obedience and of truth.  All men must pray to Him, love Him, honor Him, for His Life did bear much fruit.  Through His Trust in The Father’s Way, through His Love for Divine Way, through His Obedience, He followed a Plan designed by God for all men.

My daughters, I do not want this time with you to be forgotten soon.  I want you to remember what it is, the beauty it is, the fullness it is, and I want you to remember the truth it is for your Soul.  The Holy Eucharist must be a daily act of love with you.  It is The Father’s Will.  He gave the Ultimate Gift to mankind.  Partake in It, accept It, love It, cherish It, be one with It.  It is Truly Divine.

As I leave, I ask each child here to be conscious of how you walk, what path you are on, and how many Souls you can lead God’s Way.  Do it gently, do it kindly, do it firmly, do it lovingly, do it humbly.

I give you a Blessing, The Father’s Will, to bless you in His Name.  I give you the Heart of The Son.  Pray to It, love It, let It be One with yours.  I give you The Holy Ghost, the Light you must follow Here.  So be it for now.”

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