ON APRIL 15, 1971 AT 10:25 AM


“My daughters, I am Saint Francis of Assisi.  I come with an urgency, with a purpose, with a love, with the design, with the truth, with gentleness, and yes, with much learning for you.

As you are in the world that is crusted with immorality and is imbedded with sin, you are under the surveillance constantly of those who have walked away from the Beauty of God.  There is planned a common, full destruction for man.  The evil one has projected this, has worked it out to the minutest detail.  The Heavenly Father waits for mankind to stand up to it, against it.  He is waiting for mankind to use the will He gave, to grow in Glory with Him one day.  Man is setting aside the Greatest Gift in the world for enjoyment in the world.

My way was not easy but it was a fruitful way.  If I lived in the time you now live, I would perform in the same way.  I would act with the same conscience and I would stand firm on truth.

Man seems to think the day they live in takes caution, takes gentleness, and must be handled worldly, progressively, intelligently, knowledgeably.  Man is tarring and feathering himself.  He is covering himself with issues that are ridiculous, knowledge that’s useless, and sin that has no reality to it, no purpose in it, no dignity connected with it.  Man is becoming a useless object instead of followers of Christ.  When the body ends, what will man have, what will remain?

Teach children of all ages the necessity of prayer, the meaning of it, the purpose of it.  Remind them that interior life has a beauty all its own.  It has peace, wisdom, tranquillity, love, Grace, and yes, a purpose beyond man’s knowledge.  Man is confusing man with words, with drugs, with escapes.

Walk down a lane in the road.  Look at the earth.  Concentrate on the beauty of each grain of it.  Look at a flower and know that the design came from a Greater Power.  Look at the sky and feel warmth all around, a covering of love from God, for the ground.  Look at the sun and thank The Father for its beauty.  Look ahead at the horizon.  Make it a goal for your walk down the lane.  If you swing your arms, you will feel the blood surge through you; God-given, God-made, God-governed.  As you take a deep breath, you know that the air that you breathe was made by Him Who Is All Things.  When He made it, He was careful to see it had the right ingredients to let you breathe.  In the very air there is life and love.

When the time comes and you decide to rest, the body will feel that it has passed a test; and then, when it comes time to have repast to nourish the physical, be sure that you have nourished the Spiritual first, to a degree that when you eat of the physical way, you will need less to sustain you the rest of the day; for when you are full with Spiritual Love and Grace, the physical way takes second place.

I bless you with God’s Love, with a firm hand of truth.  I bless you with the desire to bear much fruit.  I bless you with trust in The Father’s Will.  So be it for now, My Spiritual ones.”

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