ON APRIL 21, 1971 AT 12:00 PM


“I am Saint Francis of Assisi.  Through The Beloved Saint Joseph you have been given a touch of Here.  I want you, My children, to not use the life you have in a haphazard, indifferent, unmeaningful way.  Each moment is a treasure; each step you take, a Blessing; each thought you have, a way to Here.

Man is so foolish.  He does not realize the magnitude of the physical life and what it can do for him.  Prayer, sacrifice, penance, not just of My time, but important now.  There are so many men flitting about, joining cults, reacting to emotionalism, and accepting secondary ways to God, using the human imperfections, unmeaningful desires to motivate themselves, giving little real truth to what they are.

As you are in a human way, I want you, as of this day, to accept God’s Will for you, and do not have self-pity govern you.  Believe in truth.  My children, have your life bear much fruit.  Approach each day in a worthwhile way.  Give cheer, give joy, and let God’s Love radiate from you.  Grow interiorly with strength, purpose, love, courage, desire, and let it emanate from you, showing God’s Love to mankind.

I bless you with My Love.  Be alert to what each move means to you.  Do not waste time but spend it well.  So be it for now.”

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