ON APRIL 22, 1971 AT 3:15 PM


“Many men will recognize Who I am if I just mention flowers and the ‘Little Way’.  Man would call it a trademark of Mine.

In the way you walk you tend to place importance on gratifying things.  It would be wise, My daughters, to stress with yourselves and with those you love, the importance of little meaningful things.  Sometimes you provoke dissension by accentuating things that annoy you, that upset you, that give accent on matters that you feel negative about.

As you are worldly in many ways, I suggest you balance this out with prayer.  The world will pass away.  Man will no longer be, but a Part of you will remain with The Trinity.  Use every little act you do to help the Soul grow for you, with you.  Let no day go by that every little step, every little task, every little motion is not dedicated to God’s Way.  Do not become so worldly, and I use your term, ‘sophisticated’, that the ‘Little Way’ to Heaven is ignored by you.

Make sure you are aware of little moments of prayer and that you take advantage of the privilege that The Holy Eucharist gives from Above.  The small strength it takes to walk to the receiving of this Gift entitles you to the Ultimate of Love from Him.  Picture, each day, a Chapel in His Honor.  Visit the Chapel, lay flowers at His Feet, tell Him you love Him and hope one day that you will meet Face to face for All Eternity.

Teach the little ones this act of love.  Teach them to not bind themselves with worldly ways.  Teach them to love the little things.  Teach them to cherish their own little way.  I did not say, ‘Discourage them to want success,’ but, ‘Encourage them in the manner it should be handled if they find success among men.’ Teach them that it will be through their will that many things will come to them, or they will gain from, in, with.  Remind them that their will must be taught to accept only truth.  Teach them that obedience, self-discipline and humility must be their way of life, their daily guide, for these things will bring them much fruit.

If you feel you anger easily or you envy quickly or you become moody without reason, learn self-discipline and practice it daily.  Before you lay your head tonight, practice saying small things to cause others delight.  Be sure they are truthful in content, in meaning.

I love you, My daughters, and I have made entrance today to teach you how to have a more joyful living.  Never put the Rosary aside for a more earthly pleasure.  When you do this, it is as though you ignore your Heavenly Mother.  Make Her a part of your day.  Ask Her to walk with you.  Ask Her to guide you.  Ask Her to teach you Her Way that She used with Her Spouse in Her day.  Be guided by purity and accept modesty, and do not compete with promiscuity, for when you do, you sin; and the evil one gloats, for he feels, through you, he wins.

My Blessing to you, My Love is yours.  Walk ‘My Way’, picturing flowers to place at His Feet.  Let the flowers be your acts of love.  So be it.”

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