ON APRIL 23, 1971 AT 1:10 PM


“I am Saint Michael and I come to you with an urgency, with a love, with a truth.  Right now Heaven is asking such as you to have the strength to lead others Here.  You know Me for My strength against the enemy.  My Sword is not as you know a sword to be, but it is the most powerful Sword in the world against the enemy.

You, too, can bear a sword as I do.  My Sword is My Love for The Trinity.  It glistens with truth, it radiates love and it strikes out what is evil; and above all things, I trust when I use the sword, as you must trust when you use a sword like this.  You must trust that The Father’s Will is Perfect, is Truth, is Divine, is Supreme, and you must accept His Will, for He is King.

Remember, My children, that each day can be a growing for you in this way.  Do not become so bogged down by trivialities, by neglects, by doubts, by hates, by envies, by pride, that you allow the sword to weaken by your side.  My Sword I give to you today.  Use it well and use it in His Name.  So be it.”

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