ON APRIL 26, 1971 AT 2:15 PM

“My beloved daughters, simple words, in a simple way, give simple truth your way.  An act of love, in a generous way, spreads enormously in many ways.  As I speak to you through this child, who is totally in The Divine Way, I speak to you with seriousness and say, ‘Let the world you place so much trust in, so much favor on, and spend so much time in, dwindle in size so that the Spiritual growth will be profound.’ There are many hours that are wasted by man, many trials accepted by man.  It would be wise to waste less time and dedicate the trials to God’s Plan.

As you sit, assured that it is I Who speak to you, be equally assured that you must, in many ways, be more prayerful, be more conscious of Divine Way.  You procrastinate many times when earthly measures are around to intrigue you.  It would be wise to set them aside and see the little value in them.  The Heavenly Court and Heavenly Way must be accepted by you each day.  Do not be so overly concerned with what could have been, for perhaps it might have caused you a great delay in being here today.

When you think of rain, you think of water.  Be assured, My children, that the water that falls from the clouds you know has an equal, and it is known as Grace from God.  You see the rain but you do not see the Grace.  Nonetheless, it is oftentimes showered down upon you when you perform an act of love in God’s Way.

As you sit in the room, you are not fully aware of the Souls you bear or the Guardian Angels that are there.  You take for granted many things and you accept all things as natural means.  This is not good for you.  Be aware of the Soul and of the Guardian Angel that are Important Parts of you.

Your daily way must have specific prayer in it, a certain amount of sacrifice and penance must be part of it.  The receiving of the Ultimate Gift must be, to give you Strength and Love and Courage from The Divine Three.  The Holy Rosary must be said.  It is Her Wish, Her Love, and carries many Blessings, many Graces, and releases Souls from the wandering in no definite places.  Each bead you say has meaning, so remember, as you hold the Beads and run them through your fingers, be conscious of the power each bead has.

I love you, My children, in many ways, too numerous to mention.  I bless you with The Father’s Love, and request that every act that you perform is done with God’s Intention.  So be it.”

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