ON APRIL 26, 1971 AT 3:35 PM


“My sons, I, Saint Michael, ask you to think much on What I have to say at this moment.  It is to benefit you in many ways.

Today, as you end it, will you in any way pray?  Will you pray to The Holy Trinity?  Will you pray to The Beloved Mother?  Will you think of the great amount of Saints that are Here?  Will you think about the way They walked, as you:  working, playing, seeing the daily way?  Will you, in your way, desire to be as They are today?

Many men use other men as their heroes, as their goals.  It should be this way in Heaven’s Way for you.  Each day you should wonder if you served God’s Way, and if you had more possibility of becoming a Saint if you died that day.

Man looks for credit, for acknowledgment, for material gain.  All could be taken in a moment, so would it not be wise to plan a more definite way, with more positive gain?  If The Father said now, ‘I want each son here to give up what he’s doing and work totally for Here,’ would it be difficult for you to do or would you say, ‘No, I’m too busy becoming popular and growing in man’s way’?

I give you these thoughts to make you think, to make you look deeper into your way.  They come with Love, in Truth, in Firmness, and I say, ‘Do not waste time any day.  Keep in mind the Goal, Sainthood.  Work at It, toward It, and be sure you do it God’s Way.’  So be it.”

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