ON MAY 4, 1971 AT 2:05 PM


“My beloved daughters, I am Saint Francis of Assisi and I urge you to follow My Words.  I speak from a Realm different than yours, and yet evident to you in many ways.

There are many children being misled, scandalized, and drawn by the evil forces around them.  You say, ‘What can I do?’ I say, ‘Use prayer; it is the weapon for truth, for undoing what satan does.’

I walked as man and I stood strong in what I knew would lead me to Here.  I was determined to serve The Holy Trinity as best I could.  You, too, must do this, and begin fully in this endeavor today.  Do not be lackadaisical in this effort.  Fight for fulfillment of it as if you were fighting for your life.

You live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.  The evilness that surrounds you is a horror to see and has many subtleties.  You sometimes question what is right for you and what is a good move for you.  You forget to ask The Holy Trinity, above all things.  You try to discern, decide, and accept, what you think the decision should be.  Have Faith, My little ones, and trust that the decision should come, guided by The Holy Trinity.

If, at this moment, God The Father were to speak to you, you would feel like doing what He asked you to.  Each day the breath you have, the beat of your heart, the use of your hands, the steps you take, are evidence of Him.  How can you ask more?

A good way to prayer is to be childlike, and then thanksgiving should also be there.  Never forget to thank Him, even when what you asked for does not happen your way.  You can always be assured a treasured Gift was given.  This takes trust, Faith, love.  Noticeably, you should see a change within you, a change to grow closer to God, in sacrifice, through penance, and with acts of love.  You should become aware of this in you.  You should desire it, develop it, and let God govern it.  Do not procrastinate in this.

Sometimes you feel you have performed an act of charity, when, in reality, it was self-love that stimulated the act, that perpetuated it and grew from it.  From now on, when you do things for others, be motivated by what it will give to them.  Be blessed by this and love the way.

My way was not an easy way.  It was tedious, tiring, and yes, kept me in much pain.  It was through Divine Love, Divine Guidance, Divine Help, that I was able to be sustained in my way.

I bless you with Heavenly Love, Heavenly Truth, Heavenly Trust, and I say to you: ‘Take the Faith you have and help it grow.  Begin at the core, grow interiorly so it will extend to the exterior way of life.  Take the love you have, dedicate it first to The Father, and ask Him to help you be generous with it, help you grow in it, and help you spread it His Way.  Take the trust that you know you should develop and give it generously to God, in all things, in all ways, with true acceptance, true thanksgiving, full acceptance, full thanksgiving.’  So be it.”

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